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School Prom Fun Casino – Norwich, Norfolk

School Proms are fast becoming more popular in the U.K.

Girls love getting dressed up in their Prom dresses and the boys in their Prom tuxedos.

Our Fun Casino creates that real Vegas or James Bond feel but without losing any Real money as we use only Fun Money.

The students can pit their wits at the Fun Casino Tables with their Fun Money provided by us and compete with each other and enjoy the Casino games!

It can become a fabulous contest between Teachers and pupils as they try to beat each other and is great for camaraderie and social skills.

Also, our Fun Casino games are very good for basic Maths skills as the Blackjack cards are added up and winnings calculated and Roulette odds worked out.

Improves the concentration levels too.

A thoroughly enjoyable and exciting experience with Bespoke Casino Tables and very friendly Croupiers to assist everyone playing the Casino games.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the Rules of any of our Casino games as our very helpful Croupiers will assist everyone to ensure their maximum enjoyment is fulfilled. Our Fun Casino Dealers will also give players tips on how to win and add humour and personality to proceedings as we are there to create a Fun night.

Prizes can be awarded at the end of the night.

These would usually be provided by local sponsors of the Prom. We would suggest asking local businesses to sponsor a Casino Table and supply a prize in return for a mention in the advertising for the school Prom and we can have their name and the prizes up for grabs in a framed sign on our Casino Tables.

As the climax of the evening approaches, we announce the last 3 spins of the Roulette Wheel, hands of Blackjack or Poker or roll of the dice on the Craps Table to produce a thrilling finale which always creates a real excitement as players can go ‘All In’ to try to become Fun Casino Champion of your School Prom.

After the games have been completed, our experienced Croupiers will total each player’s chips to then determine which pupil or teacher has the highest amount between all the Casino Tables.
Another option is a Play Off

This can be prearranged and the top 3 or 5 players over all the Casino Tables then Play Off against each other at either the Blackjack or Roulette Table for a really thrilling finale.

The whole Prom Event is about entertainment and having Fun and everyone will have a great time and be talking about their prom experience for weeks to come.

Themed Event Props
Please ask when you enquire about our Fun Casino regarding our 007 James Bond and Vegas themed props and Banners which will look great beside the Casino Tables and around the room at your School prom Themed Event.

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