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How to Play
Craps is a Casino game where 2 Dice are rolled onto the Craps Table and players place bets on the outcome of the roll of the Casino Dice.

The Craps Table has high walls with pyramid style rubber on the inside so that the outcome of the roll of the Dice cannot be determined by the Shooter (person who rolls the Dice) so this adds to the excitement and anticipation.

The Dice must be rolled by the Shooter using just 1 hand.

With our Fun Casinos, our Craps Table will have a Dealer (Croupier) who will show players how to play and assist them so everyone enjoys their time at the Craps Table. Players are playing against the Dealer only and not each other.

We will have the Odds displayed on our Craps Table to assist all players and our Craps Dealer will advise all players of winning Odds and basic rules of Craps as well. So you will not feel confused and left out. We want everyone to experience the thrill of the game.

The Shooter
The Shooter is the player who Rolls the Dice at any one time and each player will have a turn on being Shooter and enjoying rolling the Craps Dice.

While acting as the shooter, a player must have a bet on the “Pass” line or the “Don’t Pass” line. Craps is played in rounds and bets are placed on the outcome of the round.

Each round of Craps has 2 phases: “Come-out” & “point”. To start a round , the Shooter makes 1 or more “Come-Out” rolls of the Dice.

A Come-Out roll of 2,3 or 12 is called “Craps” or “Crapping Out” and anyone betting the Pass line loses. A come out roll of 7 or 11 is a “natural” and the Pass line wins.

The other possible numbers are the Point numbers : 4,5,6,8,9 & 10. If the Shooter rolls 1 of these numbers on the Come-Out roll, this establishes the “Point”- to pass or win, the point number must be rolled again before a 7.

Craps with 'Kings & Queens Fun Casinos'

Our Fun Casino Craps Dealer will flip a button to the “On” side and moves it to the “point” number signifying the 2nd phase of the round.

If the Shooter “hits” the point value again, before rolling a 7, the Pass line wins and a new round starts with the Craps Dice remaining with the current “Shooter”. If the Shooter rolls any 7, before repeating the Point number (known as a “seven-out”), the Pass line loses and the Craps Dice are passed to a new Shooter for the next round.

Basically, whenever the Pass line wins, the Don’t Pass line loses and vice-versa with 1 exception : on the Come-Out Roll, a roll of 12 will cause Pass-line bets to lose , but Don’t Pass bets are pushed(or “barred”), neither winning or losing.

To familiarise players with the phraseology for the Craps Dice rolls, pleased see the following :-
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Snake Eyes Ace Deuce Easy Four Fever Five Easy Six Natural
2 Ace Deuce Hard Four Fever Five Easy Six Natural Easy Eight
3 Easy Four Fever Five Hard Six Natural Easy Eight Nina
4 Fever Five Easy Six Natural Hard Eight Nina Easy Ten
5 Easy Six Natural Easy Eight Nina Hard Ten Yo(Yo-leven)
6 Natural Easy Eight Nina Easy Ten Yo(Yo-leven) Boxcars or Midnight

Bets and Odds at the Craps Table
Pass Line Bets :- If the first roll of the Dice is a “Natural” (7 or 11), the player wins but loses if the Dice rolled is a 2,3 or 12, which is known as “Craps”.
If a Point is rolled(4,5,6,8,9&10), it must be repeated before a 7 thrown in order to win. A player loses if a 7 is rolled before the Point is rolled.
Odds On Pass line Bet :- Following the rolling of a “point “, players can make this bet by taking odds. These are :- 4 or 10 rolled pays 2 to 1.
5 or 9 pays 3 to 2.
6 or 8 pays 6 to 5.
The player wins only if the Point is rolled again before a 7 is rolled.
Come Bet :- The same rules apply as with the Pass line bet although the Point on the Pass line has to be determined first. The bets are placed and then the first Dice roll will determine the Come Point.
A “Natural”(7 or 11) is a winning bet and “Craps”(2,3 or 12) is a losing bet. If the Come Point is repeated before a 7 is rolled, other numbers will be winning bets too. If a 7 is rolled, all bets will lose.
Don’t Pass line Bet :- If the first roll of the Craps Dice is a “Natural”,(7 or 11), the player loses but wins if the Dice produce 2 or 3.
If the Dice roll is a Point(4,5,6,8,9&10), a 7 must be rolled before that point for players to win. A losing Bet occurs if the Point is rolled again before a 7.
Don’t Come Bet :- After establishing the Come Point, players win if the Craps Dice rolled is a 2 or 3 and Lose if 7 or 11 (a “Natural”) comes up. 12 is a tied bet and any other number is a winning number if a 7 appears before then on the corresponding throws.
Place Bets :- The Point has to be determined before this bet can be made. Players can bet on the Dice roll of 4,5,6,8,9&10.
Winning bets are those that come up on the Dice before a 7 is rolled. Otherwise, the player loses.
The Odds on these Bets are depend on the odds for the specific number a player bets on and are as follows :-
A 4 or 10 will pay out 9 to 5 odds.
A 5 or 9 pays out 7 to 5.
And a 6 or 8 pays out 7 to 6.
This bet can be cancelled at any time.
Field Bets :- These Craps bets are for the1 roll of the Dice and players win if 2,3,4,9,10,11or 12 is rolled. Losing bets are the result of 5,6,7or 8 being rolled.
The Odds for these Bets are 2 (Snake Eyes) pays 2 to 1 odds.
Rolling a 12 pays 3 to 1 odds.
All other winning rolls pay out Even Money.

Big Six, Big Eight Bets
These are winning bets when a 6 or 8 is rolled before a 7 is rolled and can be placed at any roll of Dice and are paid out at Casino odds of Even Money.
Proposition Bets
These bets can be placed at any time and are as follows:-
• Any Craps : wins if a 2,3 or 12 is rolled and pays 8 to 1 odds.
• Any 7 : wins if a 7 is rolled and pays 5 to 1 odds.
• Eleven : This bet wins if a an eleven is rolled and pays out odds of 16 to 1.
• Ace Deuce : Wins if a 3 is rolled and pays 16 to 1 odds.
• Aces or Boxcars : Wins if a 2 or 12 is rolled and pays out odds of 30 to 1.
• Horn Bet : This is a bet on 2,3,11 & 12 all at once and wins if 1 of these numbers come up on the Craps Dice. The numbers that don’t come up are losing bets and the odds on the winning bet are determined by the odds on that individual winning number.
• Hardways : This bet is a winning Craps bet if the Dice are rolled “Hard” (1:1,3:3,4:4…) before they’re rolled “Easy” and a 7 is rolled.
The Craps odds on these bets are :- Hard 4 and “Hard”10 pays 8 to 1 and a “Hard” 6 & “Hard” 8 pays Craps odds of 10 to 1.

Please remember, our Craps Dealer will assist you with the Rules and our Fun Casino is all about “Fun” and enjoying the occasion with no real money but prizes.

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