Blackjack with 'Kings & Queens Fun Casinos'
Blackjack. Our most popular Fun Casino game.

The object of the game is to get as near to 21 as possible and beat the Banker.

Our Croupier deals each player 2 cards and themselves just 1.
The Dealer then asks each player from left to right, if they wish to Stick or Twist.

You can have as many cards as you like but higher than 21 is bust (too many, so is a losing hand).
All picture cards are worth 10 and Ace can be used as a 1 or an 11, it’s your choice.

The banker deals his second card after everyone has made their choices.

Banker must stick on 17 or higher and must draw another card if he has 16 or lower.
Beat the Bankers total and get paid out Even money.

Our Blackjack Croupier will return your stake if you tie with him/her so a Blackjack hand is unbeatable.

Blackjack with 'Kings & Queens Fun Casinos'
Blackjack with 'Kings & Queens Fun Casinos'
Blackjack with 'Kings & Queens Fun Casinos'

Blackjack pays odds of 2 to 1.
Blackjack is the best hand you can have and is any 10 (or picture card) with an Ace.

Other options/Rules of playing Blackjack at our Fun Casino are :- Double Down, which means a player who has a total of 9, 10 or 11 after being dealt their first 2 cards, can buy 1 more card by adding the value of their bet again to gamble on getting a 10 or ace to achieve 21 and double their winnings.

Split cards : A player who has 2 cards of equal value, i.e 2 of 9’s, can play 2 hands by adding the same value again, therefore doubling their chances of a winning Blackjack hand.

Burning your Cards : This applies if your first 2 dealt cards total 13 or 14 in value. You can ‘burn’ them, which is an expression for being dealt 2 new cards, this requires a bet of the same value. The object of this being to try to get a better Blackjack hand.

A little tip for players at our Fun Casino Blackjack tables :- The bankers first card dealt is a good indication of the likeliness of the outcome of the Blackjack hand. If the banker deals himself a low card from 2 to 6, he could well bust as his second card has a high percentage chance of being a high number such as a 10 meaning he will have to deal himself a 3rd card and has a high chance of busting. So, if a player has a total of 12 to 15, it’s wise to stick as this would be a winning Blackjack hand if the banker busts.

There are 4 decks of cards in our Blackjack shoe, so there is a very high amount of 10’s as each pack has a 10, Jack, Queen & King of each card suit.

Remember, each player at the Blackjack Table is playing against the Banker only.

Every player can win if they all beat the Banker, which always produces a cheer as the Blackjack Dealer has to pay everyone their winnings.

Our dedicated and professional team of Fun Casino Croupiers will always assist all players to help them with the rules and guarantee they have a fantastic Fun Casino Blackjack experience.

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